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pupil attitude
dyslexic pupil
pupils' work
pupils' rights
pupil exchange
disadvantaged pupils
pupil government/self-government
pupils’ association
pupil self-government
pupil government
Adie´s pupil
tonic pupil
fixed pupil
pupil constriction
pupils' library
exit pupil
pupils' council
average pupil
bright pupil
chairbound pupil
day pupil
disorderly pupil
disruptive pupil
individual pupil
mischievous pupil
pupil power
pupil profile
remedial pupil
estimation of pupil
disabled pupil
selection of pupils
number of pupils
high-achieving pupils
low-achieving pupils
special needs pupil
pupils’ assessment tools
pupil at risk
Pupil bone hole
adjustable pupil distance
typification of pupils
pupil profile card
pupils at risk
pupil's periodical
technical activities of pupils
pupil's personality
mentally impaired pupil
pupils overachieving in mathematics
pupil’s/student’s rights
free meals for pupils
pupil with special needs
pupils of different backgrounds
Pupil Transfer Committee
to improve pupils’ assessment tools
ratio of pupils to teachers
pupil with special educational needs
pupils’/students’/parents’/teachers’ association
pupils at risk of social exclusion
students', pupils', teachers' and parents' associations
pupil with compelling individual circumstances
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