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employers' association
employers' confederation
employers' organisation
big employer
private employer
employers’ organisation
employers’ union
specific employer
employer contribution
home employer
employer branding
employer agreement
employer's responsibility
employers' organization
featured employer
immediate employer
employer’s contribution
taxation of employers
insolvency of employer
employer of labour
workers and employers
employers' production account
employers' social contributions
vocational training employer
employer identification number
union of employers
employer's unilateral action
employer liability insurance
employer's liability insurance
equal opportunities employer
insolvency of the employer
employers' actual social contributions
employers' actual social benefits
dwelling provided by employer
dwelling subsidized by employer
duties of an employer
branch of an employer
rights of an employer
foreign agency of employer
seat of the employer
Federated Union of Employers
Malta Employers’ Association
protection of performances to employers
rights and obligations of employers
trade unions and employers` organization
employers' imputed social contributions
employers' imputed social benefits
housing provided by the employer
rules established by an employer
foreign branch of an employer
relationship between employer and employee
Contractors and Allied Employers
Federation of Irish Employers
Health Service Employers' Agency
Confederation of Danish Employers
Estonian Employers’ Confederation
Employers’ Confederation of Latvia
Union of Agrarian Employers
Employers' Forum on Disability
declaration of liquidation of an employer
Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation
Confederation of Polish Employers
Association of Employers of Slovenia
collective bargaining between employers and workers
bipartite negotiations of employers' and employees' organisations
receipt of employment record book from employer
amount which the employer does not dispute
Estonian Confederation of Employers and Industry
US Federal Employer Identification Number
settlement between an employer and an employee
Polish Confederation of Private Employers
Employer Registered Number
Irish Business and Employers' Confederation
employer@s liability in respect of the benefits
Union of Industrial and Employers' Confederations of Europe
representatives of Governments, trade unions and employers' organisations
to start work abroad for a foreign employer
Danish Confederation of Employers’ Associations in agriculture
Confederation of German Employers’ Association
unfunded social insurance schemes operated by employers
collective defence of the interests of workers and employers
the German Federation of Chemical Employers’ Associations
schemes concerning the liability of an employer or ship owner
other legal ties creating the relationship of employer and employee
Union of Industrial and Employer's Confederations of Europe
liability of an employee for damage done to an employer
Czech Association of Employers in the Energy Sector
European Centre of Employers and Enterprises Providing Public Services
to shift some of the tax burden from employers to consumers
right of association and collective bargaining between employers and workers
Federated Union of Builders, Contractors and Allied Employers of Ireland
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