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municipal elections
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European election 1999
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local government election
Riigikogu Election Act
National Election Committee
ascertain election results
time of election
organiser of election
election of persons
falsification at elections
supplementary elections
rules for election
seniority of election
election [genom omröstning]
local municipal election
European Assembly election
call an election
lose an election
stand for election
Church and elections
invalidity of an election
election to the Sejm
parliamentary election in Belarus
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local government election 1990
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election to a post
election to an office
safekeeping of election documents
verification of election results
Local Government Election Act
bases of election system
announcement of election results
European Parliament Election Act
free and fair elections
election by secret ballot
presider at an election
election among the members
participation in the election
teller at an election
Clonakilty Town Council election
right to stand for election
objections to an election result
people's council election
election to the Senate
parliamentary election in Czech Republic
parliamentary election in Slovak Republic
parliamentary election in the USA
presidential election in Ukraine 2004
presidential election in the USA
local government election in Poland
Local Government Council Election Act
announcement of the election results
conduct of an election campaign
offences against freedom of election
interference with elections or referendum
interference with election campaigning
employment by way of election
employment relationship based on election
parliamentary election in United Kingdom
election declared null and void
President of the Republic Election Act
Chairman of the National Election Committee
election of a parliamentary assembly
election coverage in the mass media
arrange for the printing of election documents
elections on the basis of proportional representation
violation of freedom of election or voting
Act concerning the election of representatives of the European Parliament by direct universal suffrage
have the right to vote and to stand as a candidate at municipal elections
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