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international competitiveness
territorial competitiveness
regional competitiveness
external competitiveness
unsustainable competitiveness
cost competitiveness
competitiveness of prices
competitiveness of firm
competitiveness of economy
competitiveness of products
competitiveness of enterprise
competitiveness of region
competitiveness of services
restructuring of competitiveness
index of competitiveness
improvement of competitiveness
maintain the competitiveness
enhance competitiveness
competitiveness on tourist market
National Competitiveness Council
World Competitiveness Yearbook
competitiveness of transport modes
competitiveness parameters of an article
Harmonised Competitiveness Indicator
competitiveness of European higher education institutions
Programme for Competitiveness and Work
increasing the competitiveness of European industry
Working Party on Competitiveness and Growth
White Paper on growth, competitiveness and employment
Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation
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