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EuroTermBank Terminology is about terminology and productivity. Until now a terminologist or translator would search for terminology in several printed dictionaries and in several online databases resulting in wasted time and unsatisfactory outcome. With EuroTermBank Add-In your terminology is only a key stroke away. Since the EuroTermBank federates over a hundred terminology dictionaries and is constantly expanding, there is no longer a need to use a browser to search for terminology.

EuroTermBank Add-In, terminology has never before been so close. Now EuroTermBank Add-In, terminology can be integrated into the tools you use in your routine work. When you work in Microsoft Word you will find EuroTermBank Terminology in The task pane of Microsoft Word.


  • Save time – no need to go to numerous places for terminology research.
  • Boost productivity – federation of terminology databases concentrate terminology in one place.
  • Increase quality – your terminology results will be more accurate

Try the BETA version of EuroTermBank Add-In for Microsoft Word!