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On 16-17 November, 2006 in Antwerp (Belgium), took place an international conference on terminology issues “The impact of terminology on everyday life”. The conference was organised by NL-TERM, the Dutch-Flemish Association for Dutch Terminology, in collaboration with the Department of Applied Languages of Lessius University College Antwerp.

The central theme of the conference was the impact of terminology on everyday life, and terminology needs & practices. The conference brought together theory and practice – terminology companies and government departments on the one hand and universities with terminology in their curriculum on the other - and focuses on the following topics:
1. The importance of/best practices in terminology management, knowledge management & multilingual document production for such important societal areas as business & services, industry, government, administration, health & human care, security, etc.;
2. Best practices for/projects of national terminology associations representing smaller languages and/or new EU member states whose objective it is to promote their own language as the language for specialized terminology; issues relating to language policy in this area;
3. Best practices in terminology teaching and training;
4. Uniformity and standardization across languages of the terminology of translation and interpreting;

EuroTermBank conference was organized in the last day of the event. EuroTermBank project consortium was represented by professor Klaus-Dirk Schmitz, Ms. Lina Henriksen and Mr. Andrejs Vasiljevs who made presentations and lead discussions about terminology related issues. Mr. Andris Liedskalnins demonstrated working environment of the newly developed EuroTermBank system to the conference participants.